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What is the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the work as a whole?

Favoring fair dealing

  • [+] Only limited and reasonable portions will be reproduced
  • [+] Only the amount required to achieve the stated, socially-beneficial purpose or objective will be used (be that research, private study, criticism etc.)
  • [+] If the entire work is to be reproduced, it is clear that no less than the entire work will achieve the stated purpose of the use (e.g. use of a photograph, a short poem, an article, etc.)

Opposing fair dealing

  • [-] The entire work is reproduced
  • [-] The Portion of the work reproduced is greater than what is needed to achieve the stated purpose or objective
  • [-] The amount used clearly exceeds the established fair dealing guidelines outlined in the Copyright at Queen's policy
  • [-] An excessive, or unreasonable amount of the work is used