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Fair Dealing Evaluator (Beta)

What this tool can do for you:

  • Help you better understand how to determine the "fairness" when dealing with copyrighted materials under the Canadian Copyright Act.
  • Collect, organize & archive the information you might need to support a fair dealing evaluation.
  • Provide you with a time-stamped, PDF document for your records, which could prove valuable, should you ever be asked by a copyright holder to provide your Fair Dealing Evaluation and the data you used to support it.
  • Provide access to educational materials, external copyright resources, and contact information for copyright help at local & national levels.

What this tool cannot do for you:

  • This tool does not provide legal advice. It records the information you provide it as well as your own judgment on the fairness of the use. See the tool [disclaimer] for more information.
  • Only a court of law can definitively rule on whether a use is fair or unfair. This tool does not assume or predict a court outcome.